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Late Entry Fee Waived

Southern Exposure will waive the $25 late entry fee for all Run Forrest entries received after 31st May. Entries for the event will still close at 5pm on Friday 7th June 2013.

Ultra Marathon Winners to Run Forrest

2011 Australia Ultra Marathon winners Dave Eadie and Nikki Wynd will represent Team Hoka One One at the Run Forest Trail Run on Sunday 9 June.

To register go to and enter now

2013 Vibram Tarawera Ultramarathon Nikki_15k

Run Forrest T Shirts

Run Forrest T Shirt

The official Run Forrest Trail Run T-Shirts are available for sale online via the registration site.

To purchase a limited edition Run Forrest T shirt, go to your registration confirmation email and add merchandise.

T-shirts are $30 online or $40 at the event.


Trail Run Mag - Run Forrest Course Preview

An experienced team from Trail Run Magazine recently previewed the Run Forrest course first's their official verdict...


That's the official verdict for the upcoming Forrest Half Marathon Trail Run happening in the Otway Ranges on 9 June, 2013. 

Trail Run Mag along with readers and trail guide writers Olivier Caire and Mike Honeyman decided that a race new to the calendar deserved a thorough going over, just to ensure those signing up would get their monies worth. And you will, if you like 100% singletrack that rolls and winds through thick rainforest jungle, where there's little climbing (and what there is remains gradual), a smidge of technical, but for the most part, a course that is perfect for trail runners of all skill and fitness levels.

For the BEGINNER, this is a great course as there's nothing too meaty in it. No smashing hills, just a gradual incline out of the start before it's a downhill    roll to Lake Elizabeth - a serene mirror lake that has a Dali-esque quality to it, with dead tree daggers slicing up from its still waters, surrounded by lush,   almost tropical forest. The course loops around the back of it, a little boardwalk  at the rear, before back onto soft singletrack. Running anti-clockwise, runners   are given repeated glimpses of spectacular lake views from all perspectives in between dashes through fern tunnels that make you feel like Skywalker in an        X-Wing (although I was running TNF Ultra Guides, which did the job just as well).

For the INTERMEDIATE, this course becomes fun from the get-go. The trails offer up plenty of 'feature running' - that is there's enough twisting and turning   to get the core involved, there's a few little downhill 'speed' moments but     nothing that will put ou out of control, there's views and vistas a-plenty, and       it's a course that, because it doesn't belt you up too much, leaves room for those                                                                                      mid-packers wanting to slightly up tempo their run to make some speed and form gains.

For the RACER, this is a perfect course for testing the leg speed: you'll need it if you want to be at the pointy end. This is almost the road runner's trail race, in that the lack of beefy climbing combines with trails that are for the most part perfectly groomed and, for singletrack, wide enough to pass. Trail Run Mag won't be surprised if someone puts in a time hat nearly resembles a road half marathon.

Our favourite section was the Lake Elizabeth loop - like a rollercoaster - and then, on the latter stages of the famous Red Carpet (every trail you run in this is     a mountain bike trail with names and numbers attributed - you can't get lost)    you'll find a sublime section that is the most technical on course. It weaves on         a decline between trees with a drier patch than most of the course (which is for   the most part soft underfoot - a wet day requiring something along the lines of    the Speedcross 3), some rocky, rooty terrain and a weaving course making for    fast, furious and fun tech running for the brave.


The best thing is, Forrest's MTB trails are usually teeming with riders, making them a game of dodgems for trail runners usually - yet the lure of sweeping trails makes them a magnet for us trail junkies. That's where Run Forrest is brilliant as it closes off the trails for one morning in June, allowing freeflowing enjoyment of the routes without fear of a head on with a two wheel warrior.

To be held on Sunday 9th June 2013, Run Forrest will be staged in the hinterland township of Forrest, nestled in the heart of the Otway Ranges. Entries are now open, don't miss out!

Get in Early...

A late fee of $25 per entry will be charged for all Run Forrest entries received from Friday 31st May – Friday 7th June 2013. Register online now to avoid this late entry fee.

Course Maps

Stay tuned for a 21km and 10km course map....both maps to be posted on the Run Forrest website later this month.

Welcome Aboard to Our Sponsors

Welcome aboard to our latest Run Forrest sponors...Hoka One One Shoes and Hammer Nutrition.

Hoka One One

Hoka One One is the brainchild of two gravity sports enthusiasts, Jean-Luc Diard and Nicolas Mermoud. Both men have been adventuring for as long as they can remember, and their trail running experiences have taken them across the globe. Both Jean-Luc and Nicolas are committed to the values of freedom and enjoyment and feel that this is integral to the running experience whether running on the trail or in the city. With this in mind, they started to look at the variables that affected the performance of different types of runners.

Because fatigue, impact and muscle strain were challenges that all runners deal with every day, a shoe was designed to help to alleviate these problems — so that freedom and enjoyment could be guaranteed every time you go running! The word Hoka One One is derived from the ancient Maori language and roughly translates to “now it is time to fly”. That’s just how it feels to run in a pair of Hoka One One shoes. With each and every step your foot takes flight.

Today, runners from around the world are having fun and benefiting from Hoka One One running shoes. They are worn by athletes running all distances from 5Ks to half-marathons as well as ultra distances from 50 mile, 100 mile and even 2000+ miles.

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Hammer Nutrition

David Williams was introduced to the Hammer Nutrition range in late 2004 and instantly recognised the success formula for athletes and the whole philosophy behind the range of products.

"I was the original distributor for PowerBar in Australia from 1993 until 2003. Having developed the PowerBar business in Australia to be the best outside the USA. So with the business experience gained we started “Hammer Nutrition Australia”

As Sports Nutrition consumers in Australia are aware, there is untold amount of products on the shop floor! Walk into any shop and you will be confronted with up to 15 different products.

Being fully aware of the market and its short comings, I adopted the USA philosophy and further built on this to offer the consumer a totally different approach to Sports Nutrition in Australia.

Australian consumers have never been fully educated on how and what to consume during Endurance events. Sure, there is lots of information floating around, how good it is, is anyone’s guess.

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Come One, Come All!

Run Forrest has received entries from as far and wide as South Australia and Queensland as well as many local looks like Run Forrest is on everybody’s list this winter!

Forrest Accommodation over June Long Weekend....Get in Quick

Accommodation in Forrest is fantastic but limited so be sure to get in quick to secure your booking if you intend to stay in Forrest over the June long weekend. Accommodation providers in Forrest are booking out quickly so don't delay. Check out our Visitor Information Page for more details regarding accommodation in the region.